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Willamette Week, Dec. 21, 1982
Photo Credit -- Mike Moran

D'Anse Combeau and his Orchestra

It's as if grown men and women were putting on a first-grade vaudeville show or perhaps it's Portland's most popular and studied fraternity. Whatever D'Anse Combeau is, he and his Fractured Frenchmen are good for laughs - at least the first time around. They certainly have a good time with their offbeat antics, which throw together unlikely stereotypes: a French, effeminate Mick Jagger, a French, effeminate cowboy, a French, effeminate, Western Elvis Presley, and so on. This time they've struck a rich genre with "The D'Anse Combeau Christmas Magic Show." We're likely to see them perform the Hallelujah Chorus and Blowing in the Wind a la Viking, and just imagine what the fiendish ol' boys will do with Quarterflash's Harden My Heart, with all the party props and everything. The show opens at a new club in Portland, the Starry Night, which promises to have one of the largest stages in the area, great acoustics and not a single bad seat in the house (Northwest 6th Avenue and Burnside Street, 7:30 and 10:30 pm, Tuesday and Wednesday, Dec. 28 and 29, 227-0069). Tickets are available at Meier & Frank downtown, G.I. Joe's, Everybody's Records, and Park Avenue Records).